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Palm Oil Refining and Bottling Nigeria

Solarix contributes in a new Nigerian Palm Oil project together with 2 other Western European Companies. Solarix supplies the installations for CPO-refining and bottling. Both installations will be operational at the end of 2011.
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Biodiesel factory Amsterdam (Greenmills) in operation

Solarix’ management assignment of the construction of the biodiesel factory has come to a good end. The construction is realized within the planed time schedule.
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Next Training Biodiesel and Oleo Chemistry in January 2011

At the 20th of January 2011 again Solarix will organize her yearly Training Oleo Chemicals and Bio diesel. Do you wish to know more about producing bio diesel and gain basic knowledge about oils, fat and oleo chemistry? Send an e-mail at training@solarix.nl and sign up now. In one day the professionals of Solarix will teach you all the ins and outs. These are people with extensive practical knowledge and experience.
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First 3 Sustainers to Tanzania in 2010

Last May Solarix launched her new product: the Sustainer. This is a unique solution to produce energy, fuel and food in rural areas. In de course of this year 3 Sustainers will leave for Tanzania. These Sustainers are part of a large agro forestry project where 13,000 households and other organizations like hospitals, schools and businesses will be supplied with energy. For the many local people this will mean an opportunity for income and employment

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Breakthrough in algae cultivation with underwater LED light

With the application of underwater LED light, the farming business of Kelstein in Hallum has to do with a breakthrough in growing algae.

Wageningen University recently calculated the maximum algae production per hectare in the Netherlands at 50,000 pounds. The discovery at the farm of John and Douwe Zijlstra in Hallum brings about a yield that could be three times higher. This brings the large scale production of biodiesel from algae closer. Kelstein is coached by Algae Food & Fuel. This is a joint initiative of Tendris, BioSoil and Solarix.

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Solarix launches Sustainer

Solarix launches an unique new product. The Sustainer. A flexible solution to create Fuel and Power in remote and rural areas. The Sustainer is built in a standaard 20feet container frame. It can easily be transported on a standard truck and can be up and running in 12 hours.
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First harvest innovative Algae Project

A harvest of several pounds was the first positive result of a project in Friesland, Northern province of the Netherlands, for algae to grow on the basis of the residual of a biogas installation. The first phase of this innovative project of which Solarix is one of the partners, began last autumn with the construction of several ponds for the cultivation of algae in the yard of the dairy farm Kelstein Hallum (town Ferwerderadiel).

The now harvested Chlorella vulgaris algae grown using the residual heat from the biogas plant and the associated generators. In the coming months, several tests are planned for the exploitation of other waste streams of the installation, such as CO2 and the fermented material (digestate). The first objective of the project is to process the the cultured algae into bio-oil (eg biodiesel).

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Africa. Food and Fuel

Huge expansion in Vegetable oils and Biofuels. Africa has the potential to become one of the largest Bio Fuel producing continents. The enormous potential in Africa for growing oilcrops is being explored rapidly. Because of its great resources of Land, Climate and Human potential. Solarix gets more and more requests from this continent for pressing, refining of all kinds of vegetable oil and for the supply of Biodiesel processing equipment. The next Biodiesel processor built will be transported next month. Growing Oil crops contributes in a lot of cases to the local Food supply. For example by feeding animals with the remaining press-cake or
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New Truck For Help Self Help Center Kenya

One of our relations - ED & F Man - has decided to support the biodieselproject of the HSHC in MT Kenya. HSHC was in urgent need of a good truck to be able to collect the seeds from the collertors and farmers. The truck considerably improves the efficiency of the logistics of the project.
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Efficient biodiesel project receives 1.5 M€ investment

Together with the University of Amsterdam and Yellow Diesel BV, Solarix has received a 1 million euro subsidy for developing new biofuels from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, as part of the EOS KTO program (short term energy research). The funding is part of a 1.5 M€ R&D project for synthesizing and commercializing a new type of biodiesel.
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Solarix Invests In Algae Knowledge

After a long period of preparation, we are pleased to present our new business start up: Algae Food & Fuel. In cooperation with the companies Bio Soil and Tendris we have founded the company AF&F that is successfully developing new technologies for the growing and harvesting of algae. In fact our first project in combination with an anaerobic digester...
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EC rejects British MPs view on biofuels as shortsighted

January 22, 2008

(Biopact) - The European Union's Energy Chief today rejected the views on biofuels
presented by a group of British MPs, calling them shortsighted and incorrect on several
key points. The Commission says it will stick to the bloc's plans to boost the use of
biofuels to fight climate change and that it will implement previously announced plans to
ensure their sustainability.
The Commission also highlights many additional benefits of biofuels that go beyond reducing emissions - such as providing energy security and offering development opportunities in the South -, not included in the report.
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Biomethanol produced from glycerol makes biodiesel completely renwable

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, November 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The new owner of the
methanol plant in Delfzijl is BioMethanol Chemie Holding (BV), a consortium of
Econcern, NOM, OakInvest, Ir. S. Doorn and Ir. P. Hamm. After modification, the
plant will be used to produce bio-methanol.
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Buses used in Port of Amsterdam switch over to Biodiesel

The buses providing daily transport to people who work at Westpoort (an industrial and port area) have started to run on Biodiesel.  

The biodiesel used by the buses comes from Greenmills who is using installations of Solarix to produce this second-generation biofuel (obtained from residual flows). This biodiesel without discussion. The operation of the production is also managed by employees of Solarix.

This year, Greenmills is building a production facility in the Port of Amsterdam. To mark the official start of the construction process, Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen drove the first pile into the ground on Kretaweg (Kreta Road) in the port on March 28, 2008.

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Solarix acquires order Greenmills

Solarix has acquired the order for the building management of the biodieselfactory of Greenmills. Greenmills will be the largest bio-refinery of Europe. Greenmills will combine the most modern and sustainable technology for the production of biodiesel, bio-ethanol and bio gas from organic waste. The annual production of biodiesel will be 100.000 MT litres. Greenmills has chosen Solarix because of its experience with producing biodiesel from waste. The construction of Greenmills will start at the end of March 2008.

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Clean energy investment breaks the $100bn barrier in 2007

The clean energy sector powered ahead in 2007, according to analysts New Energy
Finance. In spite of difficult conditions on the credit markets, the amount of new money
invested in the sector grew to $117.2bn, up 41% from 2006’s $83.0bn*, and more than
$20bn ahead of predictions.

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Everyone will agree with the fact that one day fossil oil will become very rare. This explains the worldwide search for sustainable biofuels. At this moment Biodiesel/FAME is by far the most applied biofuel in Europe.

To maintain and expand the production of Biodiesel, new feedstock sources are required.
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New: BTB concept

Solarix developt an innovative concept to produce biodiesel from UCO. Used Cooking Oil is available everywhere where are restaurants and foodprocessing companies. By collecting this oil, yet considered as waste, one can create an excelent fuel. Solarix introduced this concept already in The Netherlands, Amsterdam and in Indonesia, Jakarta. Soon Spain will follow.
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Solarix sponsor of Polespirit

Solarix is pleased to contribute to initiatives of inspireing activities that have concern for our nature and environment. For more inspiration take a look at the weblog of Polespirit.





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Biofuels, Fossil Fuels & Greenhouse Gas Factor

Fort Collins, Colorado [RenewableEnergyAccess.com]

Researchers at Colorado State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service have completed an analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from biofuel production. Study results revealed that when compared with the life cycle of gasoline and diesel, ethanol and biodiesel from corn and soybean rotations reduced greenhouse gas emission by nearly 40 percent, reed canarygrass by 85 percent, and switchgrass and hybrid poplar by 115 percent.

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Solarix on National TV

Nova Report: A better environment with Frying fat (Film)

Remains of a restaurant, frying fat of animal fat. They are all perfect raw materials for biodiesel. Cars perfectly run on it and in addition it contributes to a better invironment.

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Moving Beyond Kyoto

WE — the human species — have arrived at a moment of decision. It is unprecedented and even laughable for us to imagine that we could actually make a conscious choice as a species, but that is nevertheless the challenge that is before us.

Our home — Earth — is in danger. What is at risk of being destroyed is not the planet itself, but the conditions that have made it hospitable for human beings.

Without realizing the consequences of our actions, we have begun to put so much carbon dioxide into the thin shell of air surrounding our world that we have literally changed the heat balance between Earth and the Sun. If we don’t stop doing this pretty quickly, the average temperature will increase to levels humans have never known and put an end to the favorable climate balance on which our civilization depends.

In the last 150 years, in an accelerating frenzy, we have been removing increasing quantities of carbon from the ground — mainly in the form of coal and oil — and burning it in ways that dump 70 million tons of CO2 every 24 hours into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The concentrations of CO2 — having never risen above 300 parts per million for at least a million years — have been driven from 280 parts per million at the beginning of the coal boom to 383 parts per million this year.

As a direct result, many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several “tipping points” that could — within 10 years — make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet’s habitability for human civilization.

Just in the last few months, new studies have shown that the north polar ice cap — which helps the planet cool itself — is melting nearly three times faster than the most pessimistic computer models predicted. Unless we take action, summer ice could be completely gone in as little as 35 years. Similarly, at the other end of the planet, near the South Pole, scientists have found new evidence of snow melting in West Antarctica across an area as large as California.

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4x less soot emission Biodiesel

Recently Solarix has carried out an independend test to measure the emision of soot. The results are astonishing. The soot emision of biodiesel 4 times less compared to mineral diesel.

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OECD study on biofuel subsidy

The Netherlands wants the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) to conduct a study into unfair subsidies for biofuels. State Secretary Frank Heemskerk (Ministry of Economic Affairs) has requested this study, along with Sweden.
Mr Heemskerk announced this request at the OECD meeting in Paris. According to the politician, biofuels play an important role as an alternative for gas and oil. But he considers it necessary to look beyond this point. The OECD, which conducts all kinds of economic studies, is just the right platform for bringing to light all the pros and cons on the subject.

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The Big Three Press Bush for Alternative Fuel Incentives

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Big Three U.S. automakers recently lobbied President George W. Bush for federal tax breaks to fuel more environmentally-friendly cars.
Bush called the Detroit automakers to the White House to ask them to help meet his goal of cutting gasoline consumption by 20 percent during the next decade through greater use of ethanol and biodiesel fuels, the Financial Post reported.

But the heads of General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group, said there need to be more tax incentives to encourage the broader distribution of fuels for hybrids in coming years to meet proposed fuel economy standards.

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Solarix supplies biodiesel

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Installation in The Netherlands running on used cooking oils

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Participation VIV Europe very successful

From 16 may untill 18 may Soarix participated at the VIV Europe in The Netherlands.
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