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First 3 Sustainers to Tanzania in 2010

Last May Solarix launched her new product: the Sustainer. This is a unique solution to produce energy, fuel and food in rural areas. In the course of this year 3 Sustainers will leave for Tanzania. These Sustainers are part of a large agro forestry project where 13,000 households and other organizations like hospitals, schools and businesses will be supplied with energy. For the many local people this will mean an opportunity for income and employment.


In addition different nurseries will be set up to reforest areas that suffer from illegal and commercial wood chopping. The project aims to plant back 500,000 trees in a period of 2 years.

The project has received financial support from the Daey Ouwens Fund, a fund from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, in cooperation with Tendris/Lemnis the new model of the ‘Africa-lamp’ will be distributed amongst many households. By means of a small solar panel the households are provided with light and a connection to recharge their mobile phones.

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