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4x less soot emission Biodiesel

Recently Solarix has carried out an independend soot emision test. The results are astonishing. The soot emision of biodiesel is 4 times less compared to mineral diesel.

Solarix has taken this initiative, because there are different figures going around. By carrying out this test by her self, for once and all, there is clarity about this topic.

Solarix challenges everybody to do the test, to see by tem selves that the results are amazing.

Solution for the fine partical problem

Using biodiesel thus, can be an important solution for the fine particle problem in the Netherlands. Obviously this is valid for all countries with a fine partical problem.

Why is it that the Dutch government does not stimulate biodiesel on a large scale? It is a mistery to us. 

Many advantages biodiesel

Besides the rigorous diminishing of the emision of soot, biodiesel has more other environmental advantages. 

Biodiesel also has many economical advantages. For example it enforces employment and it deminishes our dependence of oil producing countries. 

If you wish more information, please contact mister Hoitsma. 
Mail at jhhoitsma@solarix.nl or call  +31 346 580 720

Read the test results: 


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