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New: BTB concept

From Barrel to Biodiesel

Solarix developt an innovative concept to produce biodiesel from UCO. Used Cooking Oil is available everywhere where are restaurants and foodprocessing companies. By collecting this oil, yet considdered as waste, one can create an excelent fuel.

Solarix introduced this concept already in The Netherlands, Amsterdam and in Indonesia, Jakarta. Soon Spain will follow. 

An excelent source

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is an excelent source to make biodiesel of. Many organisations like restaurants and foodprocessingcompanies have it available as waste. By making biodiesel out of UCO this fat obtains a second life. It becomes a second generation bio-fuel!

Second generation biofules have more environmental advantages then ' regular' biofuels.

Because we are convinced of the many advantages this biofuel, we have developt the: BTB-concept. We offer the full process of collecting the UCO to producing biodiesel.

For every step in the process, Solarix developt a smart solution.

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