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Africa. Food and Fuel

Huge expansion in Vegetable oils and Biofuels.
Africa has the potential to become one of the largest Bio Fuel producing continents. The enormous potential in Africa for growing oilcrops is being explored rapidly. Because of its great resources of Land, Climate and Human potential.
Solarix gets more and more requests from this continent for pressing, refining of all kinds of vegetable oil and for the supply of Biodiesel processing equipment. The next Biodiesel processor built will be transported next month.

Growing Oil crops contributes in a lot of cases to the local food supply. For example by feeding animals with the remaining press-cake or food crops can be intercropped with oil producing trees. The current economic growth in African countries also stimulates the demand for Energy and Liquid Transportation Fuels (like Biodiesel).
Especially bio diesel suits perfectly in this increasing demand for transportation fuels, because it can be produced and applied locally and thus saves transportation hassle.

The availability of Methanol sometimes is a problem in Africa, therefore Ethanol is being used more often. This makes the Biodiesel even a 100% Green Biodfuel!

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