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New Truck For Help Self Help Center Kenya

One of our relations - ED & F Man - has decided to support the biodieselproject of the HSHC in MT Kenya. A project that is also supported by Solarix. HSHC was in urgent need of a good truck to be able to collect the seeds from the collectors and farmers. The truck considerably improves the efficiency of the logistics of the project.

Up to now the seeds were collected with donkeys and small trailers. This is very inefficient and creates a logistic bottle-neck.

A truck facilitates the collectors and enhances their productivity and income. This also results in a higher production of oil and biodiesel. But it also reduces the risk on a lower quality of seeds and oil. It prevents the oil becoming more acid (FFA increase).

The shorter the seeds are stored in the forest and at the collection points, the lower the change that the seeds will be affected by moisture, insects and deceases.
A faster logistic also means more income on a regular basis for the collectors, mostly  woman, because they get paid when the seeds are collected.

HSHC and Solarix are very grateful for the contribution of ED & F Man.










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