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Solarix Invests In Algae Knowledge

After a long period of preparation, we are pleased to present the start up of our new business line: Algae Food & Fuel. In cooperation with the companies Bio Soil and Tendris we have founded the company AF&F that is succesfully developing new technologies for growing and harvesting algae. In fact our first project in combination with an anaerobic digester is in preparation and will come on-line the first half of 2009.

From the very beginning of Solarix, we realized that recources for vegetable oil for biodiesel are limited. Therefore we have been focussing on multiple sources of durable energy. Often in combination with the processing of organic waste.

Our search for 'smarter and better ' brought us to the possibilities of algae. Because of their still untapped potential, there are huge opportunities in feed for both animal and fish, specific chemicals and oils. And yes, at the end of the line oil for biodiesel. We realize we are at the beginning and that growing algae for biodiesel only is not feasible yet. We also need to exploit values like feed and chemicals. However algae are for sure a sustainable alternative for agricultural crops.

At this moment we have applied for multiple patents on several different technologies of our technology for growing an harvesting algae. 

Together with a limited number of companies, under which NUON and Eneco, Af &F also participates in a project with Wetsus, a highly acknowledged technological ressearch intitute in the Netherlands and the University of Wageningen. They are conduting a study for the production of biodiesel and other procucts with Algae. The research is concentrating on efficient extraction of algae from water and the application of Co2 exhaust gas from power plants.  




























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