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Solarix launches Sustainer






Solarix introduces the Sustainer. A new product based on their experience in Africa. The Sustainer produces sustainable energy, fuel and food in remote and off-grid areas.

KEE, the Kenyan initiative, resulted in many new jobs, creating a new future for the community.

The Sustainer is a modular containerized 'power box' for production of different types of energy. The Sustainer is built in a standard 20feet container frame and therefore can be transported on a standard truck to any harbor and every location around the globe. It can be up and running within 12 hours.

Sustainer. Numerous possibilities.

When running on full capacity, the residual cake is sufficient to feed 25 cows per day or hundreds of chickens. With the 600 liters biodiesel or oil produced it is possible to run a generator with a capacity of 2,400 kW per day.

But there are more possibilities. The Sustainer produces edible oil, wind energy, solar energy, biodiesel, biogas and because of the supplied battery pack electricity is available 24 hours per day. It is also possible to connect a water pump and a water purification system. The local situation determines what options are included.

The Sustainer is especially developed for remote areas. In large parts of Africa for example, only 5 to 20% of the population has direct access to electricity. In many situations access to energy would enable development, higher productivity, better education and the possibility to tap in on the locally available resources. The Sustainer makes this possible.

For more information about this product, please go to the Rural Energy page or click here to contact us directly.


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