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Solarix has acquired the order for the building management of the biodieselfactory of Greenmills. Greenmills will be the largest bio-refinery of Europe. Greenmills will combine the most modern and sustainable technology for the production of biodiesel, bio-ethanol and bio gas from organic waste. The annual production of biodiesel will be 100.000 MT litres. Greenmills has chosen Solarix because of its experience with producing biodiesel from waste. The construction of Greenmills will start at the end of March 2008.

Greenmills will be situated in the harbour of Amsterdam. Total investment of Greenmills is 50 million Euros. The factories are located on a 9 hectares field and will lead to 200 new jobs.



Design by Kantersgroep, Vlaardingen

May 2009: progress construction


Start build up


 Start build up by Mr J. Cohen of Amsterdam

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