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Biodiesel Professionals

1-day Training Biodiesel by Solarix

A practical and effective training by the specialists of Solarix.
We would like to share our knowledge with you! 

The training is focussed on: 

The advantages of our training 

• Practical training and direct applicable tips
• Our trainers are experts, they have large practical experience

Training Bio diesel 1 day

Basic Knowledge about oils, fat and oleochemistry. What is new? What are the possibilities and what are the limitations of bio diesel and bio fuels? How is it produced and what are the possible feedstocks? What is a sound way of producing and storing and how can we assure the quality? What are the demands and what about the obligation to blend with mineral fuels? What are the developments in the market and what are the trends and new technology?

The trainers of Solarix give feed back on your particular situation and offer practical starting points. We work in small groups and therefore we have time for your individual needs.

Why Solarix

Our trainers have a business economical, technical engineering and or a oleo chemical background. They are active in the field of biodiesel and know about the latest developments. Our professionals have a very large experience and the are pleased to share their knowledge with you. 


• You will understand the proces of bio diesel production
• You will be able to evaluate the quality of biodiesel
• You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of different kind of bio diesel
• You know in what way bio diesel can be applied

Contents of the training

In our 1-day training - amongst others - the following subjects will be discussed:
• Methods of production
• Quality
• Policy and trends
• Basic knowledge of oleo chemistry

For who is the Training destined for? 

The training is of use for everybody that is professionally occupied with the production, storage and treatment of bio diesel. Like: lab assistants, producers, purchasers, policy makers, transport and loading companies, consultants, traders, fuel traders and everybody who is interested in the eventful world of bio diesel. 


Reactions from people who already attended the training:

'A very good training. It was worthwhile.' L.A. Gräper, Marketing Manager, Avia Netherlands.

'A very useful and good training. Hans Stegemeier, Bio diesel production employee.

Practical information

Duration: 1 day
Location: Utrecht / Amsterdam
Lunch included
Time: 10.00 tot 17.00 uur.
Participation:: € 399 p.p. (ex. VAT)
You will receive hand-outs of the training. Course necessities and literature are included. 

Date Traing

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We also can offer you this training in-company. And, in addition you can also choose for a custom made training. In that case we will adjust the content, duration and approach of the training to your specific company needs.   

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