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Consultancy and Research

Solarix invests in knowledge. Development of knowledge within Solarix, but also in knowledge outside Solarix. You can rely on Solarix for advice with respect to oleochemie and biodiesel production. In addition, we give an open training several times a year at. In the Netherlands and and abroad. Many of our research focuses currently on the development of new biofuels. 



The professionals of Solarix can give you advice and training about all aspects of producing biodiesel. Our specialist are knowledgeble of oleochemistry, engineering, business economics, agriculture and building. We have large experience with multiple feedstock processing.

A few examples:

We already have been of service to several producers of biodiesel. 

Advice on the design of production locations

Solarix would be glad to assist with the design and realization of your production location. Its design and realization could benefit to a great extent from our large practical experience.

Feedstock advice

Are you considering to produce biodiesel, but you are not sure yet of the quality of your raw materials? Then ask the specialists of Solarix for an advice. The costs of this advice are E 250,-. If you decide to buy a Solarix installation, we will deduct this amount from the total price of the installation you have bought.


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At this moment Solarix is involved in several innovative projects. 

For example, we are involved in a prestious Algae Project. We realize that vegetable oil as a source for biodiesel is limited. Therefore we focus on several types of renewable energy. This can often be combined with the processing of organic waste. In cooperation with the companies and Bio Soil and Tendris we established Algea Food & Fuel. With AF & F we develop successful new technologies of cultivation and harvesting of algae.

Also, we do reasearch into cleaner and more efficient biofuels. This project is a collaboration between the Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry group of prof. dr. G. Rothenberg at the University of Amsterdam, Yellow Diesel BV, a spin-off company of the UvA Holding BV, with the expert on chemical process design dr. A.C. Dimian, and Solarix BV.

We received a 1 million euro subsidy for developing these new biofuels from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, as part of the EOS KTO program (short term energy research). The funding is part of a 1.5 M€ R&D project for synthesizing and commercializing a new type of biodiesel. 

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