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Solarix. A renewed view on sustainability.

We are Solarix. An innovative company and expert in the production of sustainable biofuels and energy.

Solarix delivers installations which – through a unique technique – process residual fats and pure vegetable oils (PVO) such as rapeseed oil, palm oil and soybean oil into biodiesel. Solarix combines practical and theoretical know-how in the fields of biodiesel technique, agriculture and management. This enables us to offer our clients a turn-key and profitable solution to produce biodiesel from a large range of oils and fats.

A goal-oriented, practical approach as well as good customer relations characterize our activities. Extended practical experience guarantees our thorough and fast service.


Because of our practical and unconventional view on the biodiesel process, the techniques used in our installations are simple and efficient. These are industrial proven process techniques. These solid techniques minimize maintenance and failures.

Research and development

Solarix continuously invests in R&D. Therefore, the professioals of Solarix are not only knowledgeble of oleochemistry, they have also large expertise of process techniques and processing used cooking oils and fats. And, in addition we can appeal to an advisory board with renowned
oleochemical experts. 

Customer minded

On every individual project we advice the best solution to produce biodiesel, based on the quality of your feedstock and the capacity needed. In order to be able to give you an optimal advice on the recipe, we offer you an analysis of your feedstock when we offer our proposal. 

Because of our large experience we are able to give you a quick and very good service.

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