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Sx - Installations

New Generation!
Sx-installations: safe, solid and economic

Solarix has used its experience in processing used cooking oils and animal fats to develop a whole new range of modular multi-feedstock installations: the Sx-range.

Because of our unconventional view on the biodiesel process, the techniques used in our installations are simple and efficient. We have developed an innovative continues flow phase separation. Therefore you do not need to invest in expensive centrifuges and deal with long settlement times.

With this smart technology implanted in our next generation processors you are able to produce a high quality biodiesel. 

Sx-installations are multi feed stock and suitable to process vegetable oil, animal fat and used cooking oils. Including heat exchangers, making use of steam or hot water. We offer a complete stainless steel construction.

The Sx-installations secure long time performance.




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Producing biodiesel is an opportunity to increase the return of your company considerably. Pay back periods of less than one year are no exception.

Calculate your profit potential now!

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Standard modular installations



L/24 hr



 Sx-5   5.000   1.250.000
 Sx-10  10.000   2.500.000
 Sx-15  15.000   3.750.000
 Sx-25  25.000   6.250.000
 Sx-50  50.000  12.500.000


The advantages of the Sx-processors

Flexible and modular

The Sx-line is modular and frame built. Therefore the installation has an optimal flexibility.   




Complete stainless steel and top quality

Unlike most other installations offered on the market, our installations are completely made of stainless steel. All the components used are of top quality.

Easy and quick phase separation

Solarix introduced an innovative phase seperation. It is time saving (50%!) and you do no have to invest in expensive centrifuges.

Dry purification

The Sx-system does not use water to dry the biodiesel. This has several advantages.  

Plug and play, easy to operate

When the processor arrives at your company it already has been tested at our workshop. Therefore it has a short implementation time

Efficient and running 24 hours per day

Solarix Biodiesel Professionals allows you to produce high quality biodiesel and at the same time keep your focus on your core business.
We have automated not just the process but also the pumping out of biodiesel and the start of a new batch, thus ensuring a real automatic operation in continuous cycle with a minimum of attention, saving time and money. Our batch systems operate in a continuous cycle.

Therefore our installations have a minimal footprint leaving room for your core business.


Pre-treatment and cleaning equipment integrated. Also is Methanol recovery from the biodiesel and glycerine. 

All-in price

The return on investment on our installations is usually high. All quotations we make are offering an all-in price. No surprices later on in the process.

Our prices include:

To get an impression of your potential profit, fill in our profit
calculator. The calculator gives you an idea of the pay back period and the additional profit that you can realize. 

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Safe; CE and ATEX

Although biodiesel in itself is classified as non hazardous, working with methanol requires a complete CE and ATEX certified installation. Solarix takes in account all safety regulations. By taking all possible precautions or more.

In line measurements
Besides above mentioned, Solarix has worked out a system of constant monitoring based on in line measurements. The PLC is constantly monitoring main process parameters and will alarm an operator if required. Alarms can be forwarded to a cell phone. All information is stored in production logs for reference ensuring optimum product quality.

Producing biodiesel according to EN 14214

We supply a complete system for the production of biodiesel according to the norm. Depending on the quality of your feedstock this can include additional pre-treatment or custom made solutions for specific impurities or specific oil characteristics.   


   >>View the EN 14214>>




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