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Solarix equipment. Complete offer. 

Solarix does not limit itself to the supply of biodiesel installations. We also supply oleochemical equipment to press and refine oil. 

By combining different equipment, knowledge and services we offer complete concepts like the BTB - concept and the Eco Energy concept.

Biodiesel Equipment

All our biodiesel installations are multi feed stock. We offer 3 types: Custom made equipment, Modular installations and installations for small scale production.

Pressing and Filtration

As part of the products we offer, Solarix supplies presses and filtration equipment which press and purify oil-containing crops and materials.

Oil Refining

The installations are designed to do a dedicated technical- or edible oil refining. Examples are degumming/dewaxing, neutralization, bleaching or deodorizing. We have several unique solutions, regardless of your requirements and capacity. The oleochemical equipment will be adjusted to your specific wishes.


Solarix also supplies rendering equipment to render animal fat and remove contamination of water and protein.

Barrel to Biodiesel


From Barrel to Biodiesel: BTB-concept

Solarix developed a new innovatieve concept. We offer you the full process from collecting used cooking oil to processing biodiesel.  

Eco Energy Concept

The new Solarix Eco Energy Concept is a stand alone energy plant that produces energy from waste. In our vision this concept is part of the future for durable energy. Our cooperation with one of our customers in realising the largest bio refinery of Europe proves we can't be wrong!