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Eco Energy Concept

The new Solarix Eco Energy Concept is a stand alone energy plant that produces energy from waste. In our vision this concept is part of the future for durable energy. Our cooperation with one of our customers in realising the lagergest bio refinery of Europe proves we can't be wrong!

When there is fat, there is organic waste

In our experience processing waste fats like used cooking oils and animal fats, we have learned our own version of ' where ther is smoke, there is fire'. We notice that almost every business case that has reasonable amounts of fatty waste available, also has organic waste streams.

Most companies that collect used cooking oil also use their logistic network to collect other waste streams. Therefore we have decided to ad a new branche to our technology: biological gasification. Our view is based on the simple thought: 'as long it is a fat, one can produce biodiesel from it and if its not, you can produce biogas from it'. The only limitation is that it has to be organic waste.

Biogas: the most clean and durable transport fuel there is

The produced biogas can be used to generate electricity via a gas powered generator. It can be delivered directly to the gas grid (if available) or it can be compressed and used as a transport fuel.

Numerous advantages

The combination producing biodiesel and biogas has many advantages: by-products from biodiesel production can be used to improve biogas production. In addition excess heat from the biodieselproces can be used in the gasification process. This combination creates an industrial concept with shared facilities and logistics which greatly benefits the overall yield of the plant.

This new concept is perfect example of getting best of both. Shall we call this concept a bio refinery or an eco energy plant? For our customers it is equal as long as incoming waste is processed in the most profitable way and energy is produced!


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